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Location: China, Hong Kong, Australia and more..

Prices: Searches 12 sites to always find the best price! Much Cheaper than DealExterme

Shipping: Fast Free shipping on all products.

Motto: You name it, we find it!

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What Does cFind Do?

Well, there are dozens of fantastic sites like dealextreme out there with free worldwide shipping selling all kinds of goods – many of them have better prices and variety. Searching each and every one of the stores individually for the product you want can be very time consuming and may end up in giving up and not taking the best deal. cFind search engine gives relevant search results from all sites combined to assure you get the best deal right before your eyes.

The stores cFind links you to, are tested for legitimacy monthly so don’t worry about being scammed: If they linked you to a store, It’s Safe because they only search the top 12 site the users like.

Try searching cFind for anything and you will never go back to the old way of shopping!

Did we mention that they have a great newsletter with tons of great free shipping deals?

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Focal Price Review – Better Than DealExtreme


Location: Shenzen, China

Prices: Cheaper than DealExtreme for most products

Shipping: Fast & Free Shipping for all products.

Motto: Focal Price, Free Shipping

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They are an e-commerce company that provides a board selection of high-quality electronics & entertainment items at the best prices for over 30,000 products. All international deals are with free shipping.
Their prices are usually cheaper than DealExtreme, leading us to believe that this is the best virtual mall on the internet.
Another great feature we love about the site that is similar to DealExtreme is that it allows users to post reviews of the products they bought, and also photos and videos.
Of the dozens of purchases we made on the site, all where sent extremely fast, and arrived after about two weeks (free international shipping).
This is by by the best dealextreme alternative, and comes highly recommended!

Focal Price also have some changing limited time offers that are usually very cheap. We will always give you the top 5 products on focal price that have dropped temporarily in prices.

All Focal Price products are indexed on free shipping search engine so you can check them out there too along with other great alternatives!

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